KosavaDeals is a venture that has set out on an adventure to make saving money a reality for Nigerians. A joint venture between Kraneum and Graham Grant, Kosava Deals aims to deepen the online retail experience by aggregating discounts and coupons to create a one stop platform for deals. Through the use of an in-house search mechanism, KosavaDeals searches far and wide to bring shoppers the best discounts and coupons around, both in-store and online, for the stores they love.
FINT is a peer to peer lending platform that serves as a marketplace for borrowers and investors, facilitating personal and business loans. Investors provide the capital needed for these loans and they are rewarded with the opportunity to earn competitive returns while diversifying their portfolios. Borrowers on the other hand receive better access to credit at competitive interest rates. Still in progress, FINT is now in its stages of Beta Testing.
Pingrid is the solution to increasing efficiency in advertising by improving the conversion rate through the use of geolocation. This product will slash the marketing costs for retailers and promoters by targeting campaigns at interested individuals while filtering based on proximity, thereby, increasing conversion. It is currently in progress and is being designed for iOS and Android.
Cerebrum will be a package of API's that will serve the function of automating one's life; sort of like an invisible Personal Assistant. The goal with Cerebrum is control your life through voice recognition and continuity. Imagine you could tell your house to start narrating the news to you as you are getting ready for work and as you leave your house and start your car, Cerebrum takes over in your car and keeps narrating. Several cool products exist that are scratching the surface in different aspects. Cerebrum's goal is to build a comprehensive set of API's that merge these multiple experiences into one grand lifestyle.